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Eye Pillow & Handwarmers

Flaxseed & Lavender Organic Eye Pillows

Can be used to reduce tension from headaches, sinuses, migraine or simply just relaxing.

The gentle weight around the eyes can also help in reducing puffiness around the eyes or strain from computer use.

They can be warm in a microwave, chilled in the refrigerator or just let the gentle wait sooth at room temperature.


Pocket Handwarmers

Can Our Pocket Handwarmers are reusable, microwaveable that come bundled in a set of two, making them the perfect stocking stuffer or add-on gift! 

Heat them up for long bus-stop waits, walking the dog, or chilly sporting events. 

They are made with natural materials like cotton, flaxseed, and optionally dried lavender.

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